Acikgoz Group provides integrated services for many countries.

As a developing and growing country, Turkey’s foreign trade figures and variety of goods subject to export and import are also growing. This brings different requirements for exports and import transportation. With its strong infrastructure and vehicle fleet , Acikgoz Group is able to provide best logistics and transportation solution according to the commodity and customer requirements.

Vehicle Fleet

We can respond to any road transport demand with our eco-friendly EURO IV & EURO Vvehicle fleet. Our dual-driver express service is an important alternative to the airfreight . With improved security measures, all of our vehicles are ready to transport your cargo.

With its extensive agency netwrok and close relation with major shipping lines Acikgoz Group meets its customers sea freight requirements. Considering Mersin’s hinterland and Acikgoz Group’s proficiency in the local market , we can say that ACIKGOZ is the best option for both inbound or outbound sea freight organizations.

We offer solutions for railway freight with our understanding of high quality services.

We coffer airfreight solutions for our customers demands.

We have Free and Bonded warehouses that we provide storage in required conditions services for all types of goods. Our facility is located only 9,5 km away from the Mersin Port. In addition highway connection is very nearby. Transit, export and transfer services can also be provided in our bonded warehouses. Our customer can do their loading and discharging operations in a healthy environment on our 10.975 sqm area.


INDOOR 4,200 m² 975 m² 5,175 m²
OUTDOOR 800 m² 5,000 m² 5,800 m²
TOTAL 5,000 m² 5,975 m² 10.975 m²

 The part of cold storage divided into 13 rooms with different sizes. The rooms' size are vary between 50 m² and 300 m². The cold store is suitable for the goods to be stored between -22˚C to + 20˚C. In these rooms, all kinds of fresh and dry fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk and milk products, meat, poultry, fish, deep-frozen products , etc can be stored .

BONDED (INDOOR) 2,800 m² 1,400 m² 4,200 m²


Warehouses have a great importance for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our company meets the need of closed or open free storage area during import , export and customs process of the goods.

We are realizing the following operations for our customers' warehousing needs :

Forklift , reach truck , weighing , load/discharge ramp and truck parking within the warehouse.

Supplying efficient and appropriate area and warehouse type according to the cargo nature.

Taking the delivery of goods from the manufacturer or shipper.

Unloading, storing , stacking and combining

Minimizing risk factors related to temperature, humidity, sound and light.

We placed Thermo Hygrometer and Dehumidifier in the warehouse.

Making the goods ready for loading and shipping.

Custom clearance service is also being provided as a part of our freight services.Our experienced and competent customs team carefully follows up the whole customs clearence process.

Our customs clear services cover all import and export formalities regardless of origin –EU or non EU-

In addition, we also do Transit Customs formalities for high value products that need cash security (alcoholic drinks , cigarattes , etc…)

The services, which are under the headings below, are provided within the Acikgoz Group structure:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • International Transport Management
  • Consultancy Service

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